PR for Art: The Creative Class

We are just about two weeks away from #PRinGR! This conference is going to feature many amazing speakers for the breakout sessions that will be answering questions on many PR topics. Our day will conclude with a session all about Art in the Public Relations field and creative thinking! One of the amazing things about Grand Rapids is its artistic atmosphere. Grand Rapids is home to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Frederick Meijer Garden, Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts and the annual Art Prize festival.

So how would you like to hear from some of the creative organizations that have found their home here in GR? The organizations that will be joining us for this breakout session on April 8th are 834 Design & Marketing, BoxBoom Creative and Visual Hero. You will get to hear them answer questions about getting through a creative block, the creative process of PR and design thinking.

Not only do you get to listen to these creative organizations talk about your creative blocks and accomplishments, but you will get a chance to walk around Grand Rapids and see all of the historic and artistic buildings, monuments and parks on a guided tour. That’s right, you will be given a VIP tour of Grand Rapids by one of our Certified Tourism Ambassador on the Saturday evening of the conference. This tour will give you a chance to see parts of GR like the historic Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Gerald R. Ford Museum, Rosa Parks Circle and of course the iconic Blue Bridge.

If this breakout session sounds interesting and/or you want a VIP tour of Grand Rapids then click here to register for Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR.


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