Final Countdown! Attend the Breakout Sessions

The countdown is on until #PRinGR! As you know, the conference will feature many awesome events and speakers, giving you endless reasons to sign up to attend. Don’t care that the conference is taking place in Beer City, USA? Maybe large cities with tours of dazzling art and culture, awesome food and nightlife with over 100 restaurants and clubs just aren’t your thing? Or maybe you have a job lined up for after graduation so the tours of local, award-winning corporations and agencies don’t seem that thrilling.

Lucky for you, this conference also offers multiple breakout sessions so that you can create the experience you are looking for.

Regional leaders will speak on the following topics in the sessions-

  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Green Thinking
  • Place & Space Making
  • Keeping Talent in the Midwest
  • Maintaining a Creative Community
  • Beer City USA
  • World Class Health Care
  • Notable Nonprofits

Let’s take a closer look at the two I’m most looking forward to-

Breakout Session #5- PR for Health/World Class Health Care will focus on crisis communication. Professions from Mercy, Spectrum and Mary Free Bed will be discussing their experience dealing with various health crises and the role that PR plays. Curious about what a crisis communication plan looks like? Want to know how much is set and how much do you have to roll with the punches? Wondering about working with legal departments? I recommend this session!

Being a nonprofit administration minor, you will definitely find me at breakout session #6- PR for Good/Notable Nonprofits. These leaders will be focussing on community engagement and how they work with donations. PR pros from the GR Community Foundation, the Humane Society of West Michigan and Goodwill GR will be sharing how their organizations engage the community and how the reach potential donors. Each one of these professionals bring valuable experience that you won’t want to miss.

If these breakout sessions have finally captured your interest and attention, know that space at the conference is LIMITED. Click here to register for Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR.


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