Conference PReview: Agency Tours

We’re just over month to go here PRos. If you are doing a little procrastinating or need an extra push to register, we’ve got ‘cha covered. You read earlier about the incredible corporate access you could get as a ticket-holding member of Generation Grand: PR in GR, but did you know you could choose agency tours instead of corporate tours? Here’s what we have in store for you if you choose your own adventure, agency side. We’re kicking off this conference, not only with a chance to experience PR in GR, but also an opportunity to make your professional mark on the city by networking with the many PR agencies right downtown. Networking isn’t the only way to get the position you want, but knowing people can make all the difference. We will be visiting several successful PR agencies in Grand Rapids including:

Public Affairs: Truscott Rossman

What do you get when you take two of the state’s leading communications consultants, pair them with great writers, digital-media experts, top-notch strategists and a competitive drive to win? Truscott Rossman. John Truscott and Kelly Rossman-McKinney joined forces in January 2011, after individually setting decades-long track records that consistently put them at the top of the biennial MIRS/EPIC-MRA survey of state Capitol insiders. They’ve been ranked the two most effective public relations professionals in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011 and again in 2013. That’s the high-powered consistency you want.

As a full-service public relations agency, Truscott Rossman represents local, statewide and nationwide clients from its offices in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Detroit. TR provides the full spectrum of communications services, including issues management, crisis communication, new media, ballot initiatives, community relations, government affairs and grassroots initiatives. Truscott Rossman has the talent and know-how to craft and deliver your most powerful message – at precisely the right time, by the most effective means available. Our team’s experience and knowledge give you unparalleled insight into your opponent and the challenge you face. Outside-the-box thinking is where we start, not where we end up. We also share what we know in the form of the “Michigan Legislators’ Guide to Lobbyists & Media,” which we publish every new legislative session. We’re proud that this guide to Michigan policymakers and influencers across the state has become a must-have resource (Truscott Rossman: About).

Traditional PR: Seyferth PR

For over 30 years, SeyferthPR has consistently been recognized as a public relations and communications leader comprised of practice area experts who are innovative, resourceful, and focused entirely on meeting client objectives.

Based in Grand Rapids, Founder and President Ginny Seyferth continues to keep SPR offerings relevant, and ahead of the industry. She and her leadership team continue to drive the firms expertise grounded in traditional public relations and communications principles, yet “connecting the dots” in today’s complex organizational structures and multi-media environment to help clients throughout the state. Whether in government, consumer, business-to-business, association, healthcare, education, or other non-profit channels, SeyferthPR creates conversations that deliver results (SeyferthPR: About).

Digital: Mighty in the Midwest

People first: Mighty in the Midwest has long believed that working hard and solving problems should be deeply satisfying. So we’ve focused on relationships, believing that when we’re happy and healthy, our work isn’t only more enjoyable, it’s better. We invest in our team, and our team invests in each other, in our clients, in our craft, and in our community. We’re experts in digital strategy, content, and technology, and we’ve always been committed to thoughtful design, built exceptionally well. We believe that value is our most important deliverable, and that projects and client relationships should improve with time. Our first clients are our current clients, and we can’t wait to tackle their next big ideas—and hear about yours (Mighty: About).     

Why buy?

We will get to tour the work spaces of each agency. As we tour, we will learn about the agency as a whole and the PR professionals who work there. Each agency has agreed to host us and answer our questions about day-to-day work life, current projects and anything else you want to know about their work. Be sure to do some research on these agencies before you get there so you can be on the top of your networking game and ask meaningful questions for a great discussion.

Now is the time to grab your tickets for the conference. There is limited space for the agency tour side, so don’t wait until the last-minute. If you’re interested in making a career at a PR agency in the midwest, purchase your conference tickets here to secure your place at these tours!




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