Conference PReview: Corporate Tours

Our favorite aspect of PRSSA regional events are the agency tours in each city but because Grand Rapids is home to over 70 national and international headquarters for major brands and organizations, it only felt right that as opposed to traditional agency tours we took a tour through some of the largest companies in the Midwest. How would you like to see what it’s like to work in corporate public relations for companies such as Meijer, Amway, Wolverine Worldwide and Mercy Health?

To hit every corporate office around Grand Rapids would take all day. Lucky for us, these corporate PR teams are all located in the Grand Rapids Innovation and Design building (more commonly known as Grid 70) right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.

This tour begins with a panel discussion of industry pros from each of these national and international companies. We’ll hear from Christina Fecher, Public Relations Manager at Meijer, Ainslee Neitzel, Corporate Communications Manager at Wolverine Worldwide, and Beth Dornan, Content and Communications Strategist at Amway.

These three ladies will be answering our questions pertaining to their work as corporate PR pros. But they want to hear from you too! So stalk their LinkedIn and come prepared with questions as you will have the opportunity to network and ask questions of your own. As you know, networking is key so make sure you introduce yourself and leave an impression.

There is no greater opportunity than the one to network and hang with industry professionals, especially in the heart of Grand Rapids. So trust us when we say, if you might be interested in a future in corporate PR, then you are not going to want to miss this. There is limited space available so get your tickets today! Click here to register for Generation Grand: Experience PR in GR.


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