Using Failure as Fuel – From Failure Comes Success

What is Failure:Lab?

“FAILURE:LAB is a raw and intimate evening showcasing personal stories of failure. With a refreshing environment of openness, it helps pave the way for change by crushing the isolation and stigma around failure. Failure then takes its rightful place as the crucial first step to the next big thing. Embrace it, learn from it, build on it.”

Failure is inevitable. Failing is the norm because we all experience it more often than we care to admit. Being in advertising and public relations, creativity is mandatory. We, as a culture and profession, can ensure that creatives have the ability to take chances. In our fiend, the problems that exist now aren’t the same ones that we experienced in the past and we constantly need to problem-solve and innovate, which can often lead to ideas that fail.

Who are the speakers?

The speakers at Failure: Lab will not necessarily speak to us about their successes, but learning about their failures is all it takes to make a difference. You aren’t a failure, no matter how bad you think you fail, as long as you get back up. Some of these speakers will share their experiences that were years, even decades, long. What feels like the end of the world will only be a lesson to have been learned in the future.

Before PR in GR Regional Conference, take the time to get to know each of these amazing speakers because I can assure that they are each changing the world in the best way. The conference will feature stories from: Kelly Rossman-McKinney of Truscott Rossman; Kim Bode of 834 Design & Marketing and Kayden Grinwis of Cull Group

Why you should care?

Failure is an important aspect of life. The best way to know success is to be familiar with failure. The goal of Failure:Lab is to debunk the stigma around failure to create a community that accepts these realities and encourages entrepreneurs. During each event, the crowd is receptive, encouraging, and supportive of stories including failed businesses and failed relationships.

Knowing the speakers before they share their intimate failures will allow you to get even more from this session. Few things are as inspiring as sharing raw emotions in this setting. Purchase your conference ticket here.


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