15 Reasons to Fall In Love with Grand Rapids as a Young PRo

It’s no secret that the Midwest is best. But what makes Grand Rapids a great place to begin your career? The people.  The neighborhoods. The schools. The health care.  All of these things make Grand Rapids a great place for adulting, but what about for young pros?  Here’s a short and very non-inclusive list of awesome for you to mull over while at Generation Grand.

Nightlife. A night out won’t leave you broke and sad. Your days of splitting an app with a friend and drinking college/well-quality dollar beers are over. Hell, we even have an actual app for that.

Beer City. You might have heard already, but we are kinda a bfd when it comes to beer. 

Drive. Park. Walk. Wanna wear those new heels but can’t take walking through the city? Good news, you can also find affordable: read FREE parking EVERYWHERE so you can hustle in comfort. Uber and Lyft are also in the city if you prefer.

Nature. I mean you can SEE the Grand River from most points in the city, but let’s just say the executive director of Friends of Grand Rapids Parks, our premiere GR beautification nonprofit, has the last name of Flowers. We take nature next level serious around here.

Hamilton-calibur shows without the Hamilton price tag. Opera? Check. Ballet? Check. Symphony? Check. Theatre? Check. Outdoor movies in the park? Check. We’re cultured. 

ArtPrize. The largest juried art show in the free world. We’ll just leave this one right here. It speaks for itself.

All. Of. The. Music. So many concerts to see at over 100 venues both small and large, the only thing you will miss is the big city price tag. Don’t miss the newest venue 20 Monroe Live and come back this summer for a concert at Fred Meijer Gardens – greenery, art and a beer garden. We’ll save you a lawn chair.

Sports, sports and more sports. We love sports so much that we have an entire organization called the West Michigan Sports Commission, dedicated to bringing MORE sports to this area. The Red Wings affiliate, Grand Rapids Griffins, The Tigers affiliate, West Michigan White Caps (home of the most ridiculous foods you have ever dared eat), and the Piston’s affiliate, GR Drive serve up farm team talent at a great hometown [field] advantage.

Prefer to play? Network with other young pros at Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club events, run in the Boston qualifying River Bank Run, cycle in the Grand Fondo or just slow it down and swim laps at the award-winning hella cool looking LEED certified YMCA downtown (or one of the other NINE YMCA’s in the area).

Eat. Local. Downtown Market and Fulton Street Farmer’s Market. We love local eats and foodtrepreneurs. Check this out!

Careers made easy. Interested in working for a large firm? We have a few. Small firm? We’ve got lots of those. Corporate? We have more than a few of those. Nonprofit? Our cup runneth over with generous, mission-driven orgs. All of it, here. What are the top employers in GRMI? The Right Place breaks it down for you here.

PR Manager Job Growth Potential. You may not be a manager just yet, but you can live in a great city, near water (Lake Michigan is just 20 miles away) and grow your fledgling career with ease here. PR Managers don’t do too bad here in GRMI either $$$$$

Cost of Living. To go with your fat manager pay check you are going to want to be able to get the most bang for your buck. To do that you need a modest cost of living city. Sorry Chicago. And wow! Sorry, not sorry New York! You can still vacation there though if you like with our transit situation that can get you out of here in no time.

Ease of AccessPublic Transit, International Airport and Bike Friendly place. Grand Rapids has one of the nation’s best transportation systems making it easy to visit local attractions, bars, and restaurants.

Now Brewing: Not *just* Beer. Beer isn’t the only brew Grand Rapids does exceptionally well – our coffee scene is also gaining widespread acclaim. And like our trend-setting breweries, our coffee industry is grounded in community, innovation and passion. Before you leave this weekend, check out our award winning coffee roasters and take home a bag for your roommates – just kidding, don’t share one drop. PR people cannot live without coffee.

Grand Rapids is well, grand…but don’t just take our word for it – The March 8 Twitter Chat #GrandChat co-moderated by FSU/GVSU PRSSA mentors Dino Baskovic (Vincena), Derek DeVries (Lambert Edwards & Associates) and Adrienne Wallace (834 Design & Marketing + GVSU) will cover more ways GR is tops for young pros.

Enjoy complimentary corporate and firm tours with your conference registration as well as walking tours on day two of our conference from our GR Ambassador team. Register today: http://bit.ly/GenerationGrandRC



Featured image from ExperienceGR



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