#GRandChat – Twitter Chat Previews

#Fact – Everyone loves Twitter. Whether we’re scrolling through memes, catching up on news, or just passing the time between classes, it’s one of our favorite social media outlets. The app is especially popular among us PR folks – with fast-paced conversations and never ending pop culture references, we feel right at home.

Throughout the weeks leading up to Regional Conference, we’ll be hosting #GRandChat Twitter chats where you can tweet at and communicate with other PR students and specialists in the area. All chat topics are listed below, so make sure to follow @GrandRC17 to stay updated!

January 25

Diversity in PR

Tune in on the 25th to get the scoop on the plethora of backgrounds in the public relations field. Whether it’s the high-intensity agency life or the structured elements of corporate life that interest you, the possibilities are endless in this industry.

February 9:

Non-profit PR

Working in non-profit is one of the most rewarding careers in PR. Check out what professionals in the area have to say about their experiences on February 9th!

February 22 @ 8pm #GRandChat:

Going Green

We’re all about ‘going green’ to protect the environment and our surroundings. For this chat we’ll discuss environmentally-friendly practices in the office, brand sustainability, and the importance of green thinking in the future.

March 8 @ 8pm #GRandChat:

PR in the Midwest

wsg Dino Baskovic (@professordino) of Vincena

Most people think that in order to be successful in public relations, you have to move to New York or Los Angeles. PR is also huge in Midwestern cities like Chicago and Grand Rapids, where you still have the big-city atmosphere without having to stray too far from home. Tune in to the discussion on March 8th!

March 22 @ 8pm #GRandChat:


wsg Kelly Rossman-McKinney (@rossmanmckinney) of Truscott Rossman, Kim Bode (@bode834) of 834 Design & Marketing and Kayden Grinwis (@kaydengrinwis) of Cull Group

Everyone fails, but how do we respond? We unveil our feature Failure:Lab storytellers as co-moderators of this chat!

April 5 @ 8pm #GRandChat:

Generation Grand Reveal!

Are you pumped up yet?! Regional Conference is finally here! The festivities begin soon, so this Twitter chat is all about what you can expect this weekend. Join the conversation to see what other attendees are most excited about!


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